5 Best Ways To Make Your Dog Happier


    Dogs have the ability to make us happy everyday. With the running of excitement to greet you to the companionship of lying by your side as you read a book, it’s difficult to find a reason not to smile when you are around dogs. Have you ever given a thought to what makes your dog happy? We have and we wanted to share it with you. Here are our top 5 dog care tips for happiness.

    1) Dogs, like humans, are happy when their diet is complete, balanced and healthy. Provide your pup with an appropriate diet that is fitting to their age and activity level (as this changes over years).


    2) Bond with them over coffee or shopping. Because so many consider their dogs as part of their family, the pet care industry is booming. Local (and national) stores have responded by allowing dogs to visit their stores with you!


    3) Get your pup durable toys that can withstand their personality and size.


    4) If your dog does something outstanding, reinforce them with a treat, more playtime or saying “good boy/girl”. Let them know that you approve of their behavior.


    5) Your dog is a social creature, for the most part. Allow them to socialize with their kind by arranging a play date in the park or taking them to the local dog park for a meet-up.


    Now let’s talk about how to get your little pooch just the right treats! And a different theme for every month too!


    Look at all those goodies…!


    Are you really a dog person?! Just watch the video below you’ll see!