Company Announces Huge Giveaway Of Free Product


Naztech, a flourishing new tech company based out of Valencia, Ca has announced this years Halloween special, they have promised to give their best selling model, the Naztech N40, for free to all USNewsCenter viewers! I know what your thinking because believe me I thought the same thing too, wait a minute FREE? Hmm what’s the catch.I spoke with the head of the PR Department, a gentlemen by the name of Tim and this is what he had to say:

Me:Hello Tim, this is Rebecca from UsNewsCenter, I just had a few questions for you regarding the “free” Naztech N40 promotion if you don’t mind.

Tim:Oh hey Rebecca, no problem go ahead.

Me:So first off is it really free?

Tim:Well you see the product itself is free, I retail it at $19.99 without shipping. But while I do want to get rid of the product I can’t take a loss of profit, as a business man I have to at least break even. I’ve sold enough of these models and have done fairly well and now I just want to move the inventory from my warehouse in to peoples houses. So we are not charging one penny for the product but shipping is not included.

Me:Oh, so you have to pay for the shipping meaning it’s not free then?

Tim:Look, Rebecca? You could instead pay the $19.99 plus shipping and ultimately pay triple what you would now or just pay for the shipping and get it for free. You see this isn’t just any speaker system Rebecca. We specially designed this speaker system to rival the iHome by Acoustically Optimizing the Design of the device with 4 High Efficiency Speakers combined with our new state of the art HI-FI Stero Technology. Put simply it sounds impeccable and it’s portable.


Me:Ok I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you but alot of my readers get really bothered when they believe they are being lied to in an ad as do I. But from what you say it seems like this is a pretty good deal but still how much is the shipping and how long does it take to get? I mean I’ve promoted offers like this before and it ended bad, alot of my readers didn’t get their “free” item until a month later and some never at all!

Tim: Yeah unfortunately that happens alot in this industry you have to be wary of those fly by night operations. But here at Naztech we are proud of our ability to provide professional and reliable service and delivery. Our free Naztech promotion is being managed by a marketing firm, HH3Designs, and they are promising delivery within 7-14 days. This is pretty fast and I personally have read reviews of faster deliveries sometimes only taking days.

Me:Seems like you know what you’re doing Tim, but why would any of my readers even want this Naztech N40?

Tim:With Christmas around the corner it would be a perfect gift for any family member or perhaps if you camp this would be a great way to stay relaxed and listen to music. Over-all Rebecca this speaker system would be nice for anyone who loves music. It’s portable and compatible with all devices iPhones, Androids & Windows so you can take it with you anywhere and be the life of the party.

Me:Well Tim anyone can always use another Christmas gift! I like the way you think and it’s free, sorta.


Tim:Look originally they wanted the price for shipping to be $19.95, our industry flat rate, however I instantly was against it, I knew the price was to high. It only costs me $13 bucks to ship, but don’t tell anyone, edit that out it’s a company secret! What they were trying to do is make a profit off our inventory but I explained our goal isn’t to make profit but to MOVE INVENTORY. So they agreed on $14.95 but I was able to weezle $12.95 as the final price. All you have to do is share the post to get the low price.

Me:So if you don’t share the post you pay the $14.95? Which I do say is pretty high.

Tim:Yup that is correct. Just share the posts helps us all out.

Me:Well don’t worry I’m sure my readers will they’re pretty engaging plus who doesn’t want to save a few bucks!


After discussing the finer details with their PR Head I had agreed to write this article. While it is advertised as free I’ll let my readers know right now that it isn’t 100% free, but that’s not all bad! It’s only $12.95! So if you’d like to place your order just click here and with my name on the line as a journalist, this will be a great gift for a friend or family member or item for youself! Get Your Free Naztech N40