New Meme taking Internet by Storm!



    HTB1wrizOVXXXXcTXFXXq6xXFXXXMOBD II Reader $12.99 w/ Free Shipping

    We’ve seen this meme used in plenty of creative ways but this one just might take the case. For all of you car fans out there, any of you lovers of fast and the furious who always wanted to diagnose your own car, the first step is an OBD II code reader.


    To understand why the check engine light comes on trained professional use diagnostic tool much similar to the wireless OBD II reader mentioned in this meme! We reached out to the creator of the meme Timothy Mendoza a local shop owner in Los Angeles, California. He said it was a good marketing strategy and was just hoping to get a few laughs out of it all but overnight it just took off!HTB1kJGhOVXXXXcWaXXXq6xXFXXXo

    OBD II Reader $12.99 w/ Free Shipping


    We asked if we could offer his product to our readers for fourth of July and he gladly accepted! For only $12.99 with free shipping all viewers can save about $15 on this pretty nifty tool, while his competitors starting prices are as high as $19.99 not even including shipping! He quotes a delivery time of no more than 30 days with full refunds available if the product fails to arrive, but is sure that they usually arrive within 20 days.



    *Android OS 4.0-4.4 Support Only

    *IPHONE & PC (WIFI) Support Available for $2.00 more!

    *Connects to your phone using Bluetooth making it completely wireless!

    OBD II Reader $12.99 w/ Free Shipping